Voucher Management System using PHP with Laravel Framework Source Code

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Voucher management system is an application designed to manage vouchers for product management. It is used to handle the voucher lifecycle of every transaction for service providers. An admin can manage all the voucher types and various products. The application has an ability to manage scratch cards, electronic vouchers, and printed vouchers. This is a simple, easy to use, efficient, fast and cost effective for businesses. It allows the service provider to improve market penetration and as well as the average revenue of each user. This is integrated with any third party prepaid system. It is designed to handle wired and wireless networks. It can process multiple vouchers at a time. This avoids the fraudulence risks and make sure of high security. Features include Voucher generation: generates vouchers with required information and user data validity. Voucher distribution: controls the data flow in various life cycle of the voucher management. It allows different offline and online electronic channels. 


Admin: The process of an admin is to Login, Add accountant, edits and view accountant details, and logout.

Accountant: The process of an accountant is to Login, add user details, view user details, edit user details, and add dues to be paid, logout.

User: The process of a user is to login, view due details, pay the dues, logout.


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