Shopping Cart With Payment Gateway Source code

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  • On: 20th Aug 2020
  • Category: jQuery


This Project contains the source code of smartcart Jquery plugin. This is more lightweight and easy to modify also can be directly used in the web projects.

Directly Add this page to your page in ecommerce project and just replace the product names according to your project.

Payment support 

Payment gateway also integrated with this project. Before implementing this , create a Paypal Account .

Selected prodcuts will be displayed and added in cart textbox and the value can be calculated . That value will be passed as a parameter to that integrated paypal account.

Features :

  • In-built PayPal, Ajax and form submit methods
  • Bootstrap support
  • Heavily customizable toolbar, option to add extra buttons
  • Theme support
  • Customizable css styles
  • Public methods for external function call
  • Enhanced event support
  • Compatible with latest jQuery versions (jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2+, jQuery 3+)
  • Easy to implement, Minimal HTML required
  • Clean and compact design
  • Automatically calculates subtotal
  • Quantity is editable from the cart list
  • Product Image display
  • Customizable cart templates
  • Customizable currency formatting option
  • Pre-populate products on cart on load
  • and a lot more...

Running Steps:

 Directly Download the source code and change the products as per your project

Include the below plugin  

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