Mobile App Controlled Smart Light System

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Light Automation System


In modern days, everything is computerized. In that list, home automation plays a new role. Home automation will facilitate the user a easy-go life. The need for light automation is to save power. It acts smart and effectively. This system assures the lighting control perhaps it decreases the energy costs. Lighting automation system allows various devices to communicate each other. Mostly communicated by Bluetooth and messaging. We mostly use conventional switches to turn on and turn off the lights. In light automation, it is just one touch on any gadget that we use. This also gives us an alarm to switch on/off the electronic items at our ease.


Initial Setup: In this module, this explains the initial setup of automated lights and testing of their working conditions. Also, in the test mode, we also check for gadget connectivity.

Automation: In this module, after testing, we set the automation mode for the lights installed. After automation mode is turned on, we ensure the system works properly. The system also keeps track of any mistake or errors occur and indicate to the user to rectify it.

We'll need the following hardware to build the light switch:


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