Finger Print Movement Object Detection using python

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Finger detection and tracking


Finger detection tracking is a web-based application for non-verbal communication, to send or receive a message with a proper meaning. Movement of a particular body will have decent information which could be easily understood.  This process is to provide human-computer interaction. Finger detection provides a way to understand human body language. Many of the finger recognition methods are proposed by researchers. Some of them are, electronically, using gloves, using marker and so on. But they are all a complex proposals. In this proposed system, User gestures are captured and taken as an input. The converted gestures will be used as commands to perform real-time tasks.


Identifying inputs: This module captures the gestures and takes it as an input. The flow will be like, user showing a finger gesture, extracting frames, identifying colors, and contour detection.

System interfacing: The given input will be stored in the database, so that the same user cannot give same gesture more than once. After storing, the system will allow the respective task to be applied.

Adding multiple inputs: Adding multiple inputs allows our system to control multiple tasks simultaneously.

Identifying multiple inputs: This module helps in identifying multiple inputs and perform respective tasks simultaneously.


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