Advanced School Management with Java FX source code

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Computerization - All the details regarding school, whether it is small or big, will be computerized.
No Redundant Data – As this management system will be centralized, the chances of the duplicate data in the system are close to nil.

Automation – The automation feature of this management system will mitigate the task of writing the papers. E.g. there is no need to write the report card of the students on the paper by the pen.

It is simply can be done online on the system, and can be forwarded to the students and their parents.

Easy Interaction – In today’s rush hour of the life, it is difficult for a parent to go to the school of his / her child every time a teacher calls.

By this management system, it will easier for a parent and a teacher to be in touch every day. As a matter of fact, it will be easier for each individual person who is associated with the system to be in touch as per needed.

This project is purely JavaFX - it gives you a basis of what to do regarding your projects, Note: it is not a fully fledged system. Some of the things covered apart from UI design is

Adding data to tableview
Setting Application Icon
Showing FXML as modal


Time Table : User need to define the students and classes then the system will automatically create the timetable

Attendance System : Daily Attendance system can be captures using this system

Classes Management :  Total teaching hours and missed classes also can be captured

Running Steps : 

Step 1 : Install JDK and Netbeans on your system

Step 2 : Download the project from below link and extract the rar file

Step 3 : Open Netebans goto File-> Import Project 

Step 4 : Click Run