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Bug Tracker is the framework which assists to identify bugs. It not simply recognizes the bugs yet gives the complete data with respect to bugs detected. Bug Tracker guarantees the client that the given data is in regards to the spotted bug. Using this, no bug will be unfixed in the created application. The developer builds up the task according to client prerequisites. In the testing stage, the tester will spot the bugs. At whatever point the tester experience bugs he includes the bug id and data in the database. The tester reports to both manager and developer. The bug details in the database table are accessible to both project manager and developer. When a client puts solicitation or requests for an item to be created. The manager is liable for adding clients to this System and allocating projects to the clients.

The project manager assigns projects to the developers. The developer develops the projects as per customer requirements. The project manager itself assigns the developed applications to the Testers for testing. The tester tests the application and identifies the bugs in the application. When the tester encounters no. of bugs, he generates a unique id number for each individual bug. The bug information along with its id is mailed to the project manager and developer. This is Bug Report. These are stored in the database. This is useful for further reference.

Bug data incorporates the bug id, bug name, bug Priority, project name, bug area, bug type.

This entire cycle proceeds until all the bugs are got fixed in the application.

The bug report is sent to the manager and the developer when the bug is recognized. This makes no bugs will go unfixed even in poor communication. It gives guarantee that any individual can learn about it soon after it is reported.

Bug Tracking System assumes a fundamental job in the testing stage. In any case, it underpins allotting anticipates for the engineer, analyzer by the task director. The Bug Tracking System keeps up the various clients independently i.e., it gives separate situations to extend director, designer and analyzer.

Existing System

In the existing system, the project manager assigns the projects to the developers. The developers develop the projects as per customer requirements. The project manager itself assigns the developed applications to the tester for testing. In the testing phase, when the tester encounters no. of bugs then he reports to the project manager and developer about the bug information.

Drawbacks of the Existing System

  • The tester report which is called Bug Report is in the form of physical document. If the document is damaged then the total information about the bug will be lost.
  • The bug information is not stored in the database for future reference.

Proposed System

The purpose of the Bug Tracking System is to test the application for the bugs and report it to the project manager and developer. The main intention behind the Bug Tracking System is that to track bugs and report them. Store the bug information with a unique id in the database for future reference. So, this makes the job of handling the bugs easy. The project entitled "Bug tracker" is an online bug tracking tool initiated with the objective to setup a user-friendly online bug tracking system. It can be used both for bug tracking and for project management. In this system the project manager can have full details of the work assigned to each team member. Moreover when a new work comes he can assign the work to different persons by having a view at the programmer with minimum work. This software assists to track the work flow of the work given to each team member by a project leader. This software assists the project managers, the team members and equally the top officials of a software company to know how the work is progressing. Project usually comes to the company in the form of bugs. Usually, when certain enhancements of a product are being done i.e. when certain version updates a product is being done, work is assigned to different programmers in the form of Bugs. This software is mainly focused on the work coming in the form of Bugs. The project manager can fully understand what the status of each bug is; whether it is fixed, assigned, or won’t fix.

Modules Overview

The proposed project has three major modules: employee, manager and administrator. Each module is designed to perform some specific task in bug tracking process. The modules are briefly introduced below:

Employee Module is designed for programmers of the software or employees, specially the coding team and testing team.  The coding team is supposed to update details of bugs to the software, and the testing team checks and updates the status.

Manager Module is handled by project manager to look after employees. It is useful in analyzing the number of employee necessary to accomplish the project.

Administrator module is superior to the above two modules and it can control their activities. The main function of this module is to manage coders and testing team, and to update the details.