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Online marketing is a project developed for selling or buying different products online. This project gives the top quality of information, advice and also tips for marketing. This project saves lots of time and reduces the work of the customers in buying or selling any product. Online marketing is a web application. This project helps the users to advertise, buy or sell any type of product online. Only the authorized users can be able to do marketing by using this project. This project provides an unique username and password to the people who wants to do marketing. For this the user needs to give his personal details and the details of the work he is doing in the site. Marketing business like selling, buying or even advertising the product can be done from anywhere and at anytime. Users should give the genuine information about their products. User once registered to this site can view all the products.



Admin authority should be given to director, he can add product details from the customers. Define the role-based security and manage users. He can manage everything about this website.


Employees should be able to maintains all types of request, information  which is required for giving 24/7 services to online users.


Enrollment is must for the users who wish to see details of any products or want to buy/sell any product. For enrollment user needs to provide some basic information like name, contact no/email id, and if user wants to sell something then he needs to fill description part of the product.  Registration page should be available for registering in the site.


Daily report should be generated like how many users visit the site and how many has registered in the site to the admin. Monthly reports based on daily reports for different products to admin person.


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