Neuron detection and neuron network extraction from 2D grey images Matlab Source Code

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Neural network detection is a method of calculation based on the interaction of multiple connected processing elements. It is a most influential technique to solve many real world problems. This has the ability to improve the performance by learning the real world experience. It can also perform well on unfinished information. The neuron and neuron network detection algorithm searches for the ring of white pixels that often surrounds neurons and based on the ratio of how much it surrounds the region, that region is selected as a neuron or not. Neuron Radius a list of radius in the Matlab format. Edge Width specifies the width of the white ring that surrounds the neurons. Theta Threshold sets how much at least the ring should surround the region for it to be selected as a neuron.



Opening stack – It opens the select file dialog window. After loading, the program searches for .mat file with the same name as the image to load the previously saved location of neurons.

Frame selection slider:  This module mainly does the frame section where the left and right arrow keys move the slider one position to the left or to the right.

Neuron detection:  A yellow square appears to indicate the borders of the neuron. A subsequent click on the square would select it and change its color. Pressing 'escape' removes the selection. Clicking on an empty region will trigger the semi-automatic detection algorithm that searches to find the radius for the neuron with the center at the click location. To change the position of neuron, select it and the click on an empty region to move its center to the click location. To delete a neuron, press the delete key while a neuron is selected.

Manual adjustment of the radius: The slider will enable only when a neuron is selected. Changing the position would change the neuron radius. 

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