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Object Identification and Detection


In the modern world, digital information is surrounded in big amount. There are many techniques and measures which are used to analyze and understand this digital information. These will automatically detect the objects and offers support in modern applications. The semantic content of images and videos can be recognized and processed further to get the needed information. The content in the image will be the objects in the image. The unique techniques are available for the object recognition. Object recognition is important task in image processing. A set of known entity can be used to identify what really the object is and help to extract its information.


Object representation: In this module, an object can be defined to represent anything out of curiosity. For instance, vehicles on the road, Fishes in the aquarium, things placed on a table, etc. We must describe the representation of the shapes of the object.

Object Detection: In this module, enlightenment, placing, alternations are the main issues to be faced in this object detection. If this is represented and detected properly, the success rate will be high.

Object Extraction: In this module, we will be extracting the objects we need from the image or video. For instance, if we need to find a particular fish from the aquarium, we need to focus only on that fish in each frame of the video, or in each set of images, ignoring the background, color and shape.

Multiple and single object Detection: In this module, we may opt to detect single or multiple objects from the set of images or in the video.

Object Tracking: In this module, we concentrate on objects which will keep moving in a frame to frame or the positioning difference of that object. It is ultimately used to track an object in order to extract the information.


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