Meeting Room Booking System with Source Code

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In every organization there is always need of meeting and conference rooms, to conduct various events. It is found that there is one conference hall in every organization, whether it is an educational institution or any company. Many different departments have to share this single conference hall for conducting its event. Hence there is always a possibility of the hall being booked by two or more departments on the same day. The clash in timing will be known to the departments only when the day of the event has reached, by that time it will be too late and very little time left for alternate arrangement. Hence an efficient and user friendly system is required to reserve the hall beforehand and make the information available to others to check the status of the hall before booking.


Admin Module: This module will be used by the admin for creating all available rooms and adding the department in the database. This module will also have a interface to create user from various ministries/departments, who will login from web portal and book the rooms. 

User Module: This module will provide user interface to the user to login and book hall for entries. In this module user can also see their reservation status. 

Communication Module: This module will be used by the web portal to communicate with the central database. The server is used to update the new entries and communicate with the user. Hence the database itself would be called as communication module. 

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