HealthCare Clinic Management System Source code PHP Mysql

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Current system is using a manual register the patient details. The doctor and the patient records are stored in separate registers manually. The register will also contain appointment detail. All are done manually in which maintaining each register is a huge risk. In our proposed system, the details of doctor, doctor-patient appointment, doctor availability and patient details are filled and maintained in the database. This system specially designed to keep track of each activity in a clinic. The software also contains Specialist doctor details and consulting time details. It also contains the operation details and scan details. Our proposed system is so secured, reliable and optimized, so that we cannot find any mistakes, information of doctors and patients will be updated then and there. Records are stored in database more securely. It reduces the paper work and improves the quality of service activities effectively. 


Doctor module: Doctor Module includes the details of the details of the doctors who visit the clinic. The doctor details are doctor’s name, doctor’s specialization, consulting time, reference doctor details and all the essentials about doctors.

Patient module: Patient module includes the patient’s details like patient ID, patient name and patient’s registration details, appointment date and time to consult the doctor and the prescription details of that patient given by the consulted doctor. 

Appointment Module: Appointment module consists of the details of the doctor appointments to the respective patients. The operations or process done here are booking an appointment, view the appointment, upcoming appointments and appointed consulting doctor details.

Billing module: Billing module includes the various details of billing details like bill number, patient id and name, and billing type like cash, credit card or debit card or by any UPI modes.

Pharmacy module: Pharmacy module includes the medicine details, medicine stock details, pharmacy billings, discounts, taxes, medicine distributer details, doctor prescription, Patient ID, purchase entry, purchase details, and expired medicine details.


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