Go Grocery E-commerce Smartphone Application with Source Code

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Mobile and e-commerce applications are tools for accessing the Internet and for buying products and services. These applications are constantly evolving due to the high rate of technological advances being made. This paper provides a new perspective on the types of applications that can be used. It describes and analyses device requirements, provides a literature review of important aspects of mobile devices that can use such applications and the requirements of websites designed for e-commerce. The design and security aspects of mobile devices are also investigated. As an alternative to existing m-commerce applications, this paper also investigates the characteristics and potential of the Phone Gap cross-mobile platform application. The results suggest that effective mobile applications do exist for various Smartphone, and web applications on mobile devices should be effective. Phone Gap and Spree applications can communicate using JSON instead of the XML language. Android simulators can be used for ensuring proper functionality and for compiling the applications.


Register and Login: In login module the customer and merchants can login to the application if they already created their account and signed in.

Product View: User enters this system view the product via direct and search option.

User Cart: Users select their product and book the product

Order Details: User can see their own order details.

Upload product details: Merchants can upload their product details like Name, Description, Image, Quantity, and Quality.


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