Advanced Inventory and Sales Management with Dynamic Reports Source Code

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  1. Products Management
  2. Transaction Management
  3. Viewing and Printing of Transactions Within Specific Dates
  4. Barcode Scanning of Products for product and transaction management
  5. Custom Analytics
  6. User Management
  7. Monthly/Yearly Earnings Overview
  8. VAT
  9. Discount

Functions of Inventory Management System on PHP

  1. By using this system, the college management system will be able to explore the details of college details, employee details as well as the details of students.
  2. The various searching facilities such as Supplier, Inventory, Purchasing and Payment can be provided by this inventory management system.
  3. It can manage the information of customers.
  4. It can show the description and information of the Supplier and Inventory.
  5. Monitoring all the transactions and information of the payment can be completed by this system efficiently.
  6. Efficiency of manipulation of the inventory can be taken place by this system.
  7. Information of payment can be done by using this system.
  8. The improvement of adding, updating and editing of records is possible by using the management system.
  9. The purchasing of records can be integrated by using this management system.

Generation of records: 

  1. The system can provide the filter reports on purchasing, supplier and payment.
  2. The excel export report can be provided by the application for customers, supplier and inventory.
  3. The user easily exports the PDF for receiving stock, payment and inventory
  4. The user can export report for inventory, purchasing and customer into csv format. 


There are many limitations besides holding some good features and advantages. Let’s have a look on its limitations mentioned below:

  1. Due to holding some critical features in it, excel export cannot be developed for payment and receiving stock.
  2. The most disadvantageous matter is that it is executed in the off-lime method. Therefore, the online customer data, customer capture, and data for inventory cannot be possible.
  3. The off-line reports of supplier, inventory, purchasing cannot be produced due to the execution of batch mode.

Validation and input data on PHP Inventory Management System

 It is important to know about the input data and validation of Inventory Management System. The requisite information about the input data and validation on Inventory Management System on PHP is mentioned below:

  1. It can control the huge amount of input data
  2. It can avoid the errors in data.
  3. The entire fields such as supplier, inventory, and receiving stock can be validated and it does not take invalid number or value.